Monday, December 23, 2013

Yappy Dachshund Hall-i-days!

It’s hard to believe we’re counting down the final days of 2013. We’ve been so fortunate to share our passion for the love of our little four-legged family members with so many of you this year. Welcome to the Dachshund Hall family! All of our recent litters are celebrating the holidays with their new families... watch out for all that shredded wrapping paper!

We will be ending the year with the birth of a litter from Paisley & Boudro, due December 26th, see Dachshund Hall - Litter #1. Then we’ll begin the new year with the birth of a litter from Piper & Hubbell, due January 3rd, see Dachshund Hall - Litter #2. So, if you’re wanting to start the new year with a new puppy, we encourage you to contact us and get on our waiting list. Our puppies always find their new homes quickly.

We make no bones about it, Dachshund Hall is the best place around to “Get a long little doggie!”


So, that’s the long and short of it... if you’re a real “Dachshundhallic” and have a looooooooonging to stay connected to us for the lowdown on everything Dachshund Hall... GET SOCIAL and FETCH US on...

Give us a call at 817-556-0363 or email Paula at to inquire about your new puppy.

We look forward to adding YOU to our Dachshund Hall family!

Yappy Dachshund Hall-i-days!

Paula & Jeff Hall

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