Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It was a three dog night...

Congratulations to “Hall’s Don’t Touch My Willy” and “Gb’s Agatha Christie” on their new litter! They are the proud parents of three “beautiful bouncing baby boys” - try saying that three times real fast.

Here’s what Willy & Agatha had. The time of birth, colors, sexes and weights are as follows:

12:04 a.m. - (ee) Cream - Male - 6.0 oz.
12:54 a.m. - Shaded Cream - Male - 6.3 oz.
1:21 a.m. - Black & Cream - Male - 6.3 oz.

Willy and Agatha have great pedigrees which you can easily view on the “Dachshund Hall of Pedigrees” page.

Go directly to the “Dachshund Hall of Puppies” page by clicking here or click on the following link to take you directly to Willy and Agatha’s new litter page:

“Dachshund Hall - Litter #1 - THREE AVAILABLE”

Once you’re on the page just click on the “Subscribe” link there and you’ll know when we upload new individual puppy photos for their litter. We’ll upload the first individual puppy photos in a couple of days. Then we generally upload new individual puppy photos every two weeks after that.


More Puppies Coming Soon! We have two more litters of puppies due so stay tuned to the “Hot Dog Blog” for the latest news.

Dachshund Hall - Litter #2 will be “Sniffntells Wroyal Casper” and “Hall’s Southern Nola Masquerade” - they are due tomorrow, September 2nd.

Dachshund Hall - Litter #3 will be “Hall’s Lonestar Boudro” and “Abbey Eller Hall” - they are due September 9th.


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Paula & Jeff Hall