Friday, February 19, 2010

We "PAWS" for this special announcement...

We hope everyone had a wienerful week. The snow is finally melting and the weekend's here, so "SIT" yourself down and "STAY" in front of your computer, curl up with your wiener, and let us know what you'd like to see us add to our Facebook page and website too, for that matter.

We're currently working on a new "Welcome" page for Dachshund Hall on Facebook. But, what else would you like to see and hear? Help us get the "Discussions" going.

Come on... admit it, we know you're a "dachshund-hall-ic™"

Still not sure? Ask yourself these 10 simple questions...

1. Do you have a longing for a new best friend with low self-esteem?
2. Do you have a long-standing relationship with a low-life?
3. Do you have friends in low places?
4. Have you lowered yourself to your best friends habits?
5. Can your best friend hold their licker?
6. Does your best friend have a short attention span?
7. Do you spend long periods of time online looking at everything dachshund?
8. Would you like to add longevity to your life?
9. Do you get long-winded when talking about your wiener?
10. Do you think a lap dance is when your best friend is spinning around trying to get comfortable in your lap?

Then here's the lowdown... the long and short of it... if you've stooped low enough to admit to being a dachshund-hall-ic, then become a fan of Dachshund Hall on Facebook if you're not one already.

Even if you don't have friends in low places, don't worry. We don't discriminate... we love them all... long, short, smooth, wiry, black, chocolate, red, cream and more.